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hrBMP4 for GBM is StemGen’s first product

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HS214 [BMP4]

High Grade Glioma

HS215 [Wnt5a-antagonist]

High Grade Glioma

HS216 [ephrinA1]

High Grade Glioma

HS217 [LIF]

High Grade Glioma

HS218α [BMP4]

Colorectal Cancer

HS219α&β [Not Disclosed]

High Grade Glioma


hrBMP4 is a protein of TGF-Beta Superfamily that acts by binding to specific receptors (BMPR1a, 1b, 2) also present in GBM cancer stem cells.
This triggers receptor phosphorylation and an intracellular signaling cascade, in which it has been identified by the phosphorylation of Smad 1, 5 and 8, is the main, key and causal event that leads to the modification of cell functions.
It also induces activity in the onco-suppressor PTEN which is often deleted in GBMs.

Mechanism of action against GBM

hrBMP4 causes an overhauling of the cells’ carcinogenic program, activating normal pro-differentiation mechanisms that lead to increase cell maturation and, in turn, block the reproduction of tumorigenic cells, reprogramming their progeny to a non-tumorigenic fate, rather than to the production of more and new cancer stem cells. The cells will then be unable to initiate/perpetuate new tumors or to expand existing ones.